News Release

Community Foundation exceeds October Match Month goal

ELLSWORTH, Kan.— In October, the Smoky Hills Community Foundation had an opportunity to receive matching funds from the Dane G. Hansen Foundation during what is considered ‘Match Month’.

To kick off the month, the Foundation hosted a kickoff fundraising event on October 8 called ‘Let’s Make A Match’, featuring a live auction, dueling pianos, drinks and a pasta bar, where the community attended and made donations to the upcoming Match Month. All donations were matched by 200% at this successful event.

The Foundation is excited to announce that it raised a total of $109,724.98 during their October Match Month. With the match from Dane G. Hansen, this will result in $209,724.98 to be invested permanently in endowments that support local area grant-making, the administration of the foundation and more.

“Our foundation is truly humbled by the overwhelming support the community showed during Match Month,” said Amber Peschka, Smoky Hills Community Foundation’s Board Chairperson. “It’s very exciting to see the foundation’s momentum and witness a community that continues to come together.  The event has been a springboard for SHCF and exposes the unlimited possibilities of projects we support.  We are very grateful to the growing generosity of our donors and are very blessed to have an amazing team of community leaders who not only believe in SHCF, but also want to make an impact in Ellsworth County.