The Smoky Hills Community Foundation Announces Rebrand

ELLSWORTH, Kan.—The Smoky Hills Community Foundation announced recently that it has completed a major rebranding. Since 2000, the Community Foundation has served the communities of Ellsworth County through its mission of helping people invest in a meaningful way to make a difference in the community by building permanent endowment funds and meeting charitable needs.

The Smoky Hills Community Foundation is an affiliate of the Greater Salina Community Foundation and was formed to serve as a catalyst for contributions for the long-term benefit of the community.

“Smoky Hills Community Foundation was founded by Ellsworth County citizens who had the future in mind,” said Amber Peschka, Board Chair. “Our foundation builds an endowment that supports the local community’s needs. Donor contributions are pooled and invested, then a small percentage is distributed in grants each year to ensure that ‘community capital’ will always be available. Furthermore, Smoky Hills Community Foundation supports all local non-profits, education, government and religious entities so it isn’t limited to a single type of charity.”

Since then, it has grown to over $4.3 million in assets and has awarded over $1.7 million in grants and scholarships on behalf of its donors.

To continue this positive momentum, the Community Foundation wanted a logo that represents its commitment to its donors and community. Like the infinity sign that the new logo was derived from, the Smoky Hills Community Foundation is here forever to help you impact today and transform tomorrow.

“Looking into the future of Ellsworth County, it is our hope the foundation builds and strengthens the community by bringing together people and organizations that want to make a difference. We want our donors to see the foundation being around forever, and the updated infinity logo represents that very message,” Peschka stated.

Not only does the Community Foundation have a new look, but it also has a new name. Formerly the Smoky Hills Charitable Foundation, the local advisory board voted to change “Charitable Foundation” to “Community Foundation,” to better reflect who they serve, which are the communities of Ellsworth County.

Although the Community Foundation has a new look and name, its mission and services remain the same—to help people make a difference by connecting donors and nonprofits, providing personalized services and philanthropic expertise, serving as a charitable savings account, and establishing permanent endowed funds to create a lasting legacy.