Feeding the Children of Central Kansas

Feeding the Children

FCCK is expanding, and needed items to keep the program in place. Items needed were an ice machine, transport bags, deeper transport pans, serving spoodles. We are required to organize our recipes with plastic recipe covers in 3 ring notebooks.

In 2019 we did not reach our goal of 5,000 summer food service meals. We served at four sites of two school dsitricts, in two counties. When we applies for the grant we thought we would try to reach the 2019
goal again. However because of COVID-19 and schools were unable to serve summer meals, in the summer of 2020 we served over 16,000 meals, 15 sites, three school districts, in six counties. COVID- 19 waivers allowed by USDA meant we were able to serve grab and go meals instead of having youth come into the building and sit to eat their meal. COVID-19 also meant we had to purchase extra sanitaion chemicals. 4 Since we had a larger number to serve we needed more volunteers. More volunteers meant we needed to purchase extra glvoes, aprons, chemicals, and other items. We purchased an ice machine. This was very important becasue of the need to ice the cold food items for delivery. The hand held spoodles made it easier to pack food since we
could have more volunteers help since we had the serving utensils. Office supplies were used when expanded our filing system from five sites to 15 sites.

Feeding the Chidlren of Central Kansas was so lucky to be able to help a college student. Not only did she learn with her work experience in her planned career but our program benefited by having another staff person able to supervisor volunteers of all ages.